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Are you a General Contractor or Architect looking for the leaders in Air Barrier Protection and energy efficiency? Look no further!

EnergyTech is a Certified Air Barrier Specialists


At EnergyTech, we work with Architects, General Contractors, and Homeowners to ensure that the type of insulation used meets the needs of the building while considering building codes and R-values. We work on both commercial and residential buildings, aiming to bring the best solution to any size project. 

Insulation Types

  • Batt Insulation- Fiberglass/Mineral Wool 

  • Blown In Insulation - Cellulose/Fiberglass 

  • Spray Foam- Closed/Open Cell 

  • Rigid Foam 

Benefits of Air Sealing

Air Sealing is another way to eliminate heat loss around your chimney, plumbing penetrations and recessed lights. It's one of the least expensive and most cost-effective actions you can take to prevent heat loss. 

Air Barriers


Our systems and materials are designed to resist air leakage and are specialized to form a continuous plane around a building to prevent uncontrolled air movement in or out of the building envelope. There are four principles to control layers in a wall assembly: Rain control, Air Control, Vapor, and Thermal Barrier.


Dashco, Inc is a certified Air Barrier Specialist with technicians qualified to asses your air barrier and suggest improvements for better energy efficiency.



Intumescent Coatings provide a cost-effective and practical solution for fire and corrosion protection of structures. The coatings can also be used in a decorative capacity. 


We love working on projects of all different varieties. Below is a list of examples of the kinds of projects we like collaborating on. Call us to learn more!

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
Pole Barns

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